Women – Virtually limitless in the digital era.

The world we live in is getting more and more tech savvy by the minute. It is crucial for us to get with the time, now more than ever. The digital era seems to have penetrated our work life as well. With more and more jobs now focusing on the digital way, we too need to be more technology oriented. We need to realise the diversity of jobs for women in this digital era and encourage them to pursue those paths which are passionate to them, and yet stay true to the technological way of today’s life.

Being a coder or a tech entrepreneur is not the only thing women are confined to in this age of technology. There are a number of options they have for an impeccable career. We’ve listed out some of them below:

1. Marketing:

This is one sector that is completely transformed by the digital wave that hit us in the recent past. Digital marketing is the new thing that is pulling the attention of companies thanks to its higher levels of engagement and reach compared to the older forms of media. Advertising, social media management, ecommerce, search engine optimization (SEO) & marketing (SEM), content marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing analytics are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing. According to most surveys, marketing is the preferred career option for most business women. Previously, it was thought that women were best suited for this because making things ‘sell’ is something they could do with their natural charm. This however, doesn’t hold well in today’s time. More and more women are being attracted to this career path because it is a job that requires both creativity and vision. Anne Roggeveen, assistant professor of Marketing at Babson College, Massachusetts says, “Women enjoy the creativity. They enjoy understanding people and their needs”

2. Animator:

Everybody loves animated films right? Imagine how cool it would be to be able to create these films for a living. In this new age of technology, anything is possible. There is a growing demand for talented animators and graphic designers in the industry which is why this can be considered as a good career option. Designing for films, TV shows, commercials or advertisements; there’s an array of different paths that a woman can tread in this field. “We’d start have more interesting animation, more interesting shows and movies and music and design and all this kind of stuff.” – Jennifer Yuh Nelson on women in animation. She also says how women would be very good in animation for two reasons; firstly, animation is primarily children oriented and revolves around family, second, women will be able to show a different representation of female characters compared to what has been showcased previously.

3. Filmmaker:

There’s a new era of women filmmakers coming into the spotlight in the recent times. This is yet another career option that women can choose in this digital age. Women filmmakers, until recently were limited to making only ‘critically-acclaimed’ independent films, or films focused towards female moviegoers in particular. This however has drastically changed and now the industry, both in India and elsewhere in the world is more open towards welcoming women filmmakers, making it a suitable career path for today’s women.

When look at a broader perspective of what being a woman in technology, it’s evident that many academic disciplines provide a strong foundation for technology-oriented jobs. Every career path is more or less dependent on technology. In addition to the conventional options like the ones above, studies like English, Psychology, Art, or even Sociology can all be transitioned into digital careers. For the women looking for something different in their careers, we have a few unorthodox options to look at as well:

4. Vlogger:

A vlogger is a term used for a person who documents their life on camera and posts it on social media. In layman terms, a vlog is basically a video blog. This concept is growing in terms of popularity since the past 3-5 years and the target audience for this form of media is mainly the Gen X. Many brands are now looking at social media influencers, especially female influencers, to promote their products through their vlogs. For a fun yet productive way of making a living, volgging is the way to go. YouTube has almost one billion active users daily. Females are some of the heaviest social media users and in many cases have shown greater interest in social media sites than men. This is the main reason why most advertisers are looking at female vloggers to sell their ads to.

5. Digital Detox Therapist:

Therapy is something that has always been a woman’s forte. She is best at listening to problems and coming up with solutions for her clients. In this digital age, despite technology making life simple, we sometimes find ourselves tangled in the web of social media and the internet. Here’s where a digital detox therapist comes into play. She shows the different ways one can balance their life and not give into technology too much. Too much of being online is harmful to one’s body and one’s mind. The social media websites, with their ‘likes’ and their ‘followers’ are having a negative impact on the youth leading to major problems like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem etc. This is why there is a need of female digital therapists in today’s time.

6. 3D Printed Food Chef:

Now this is something that not many people know about. 3D printing isn’t something new, it is in the market since a few years now. The food industry however, has been showing a keen interest recently, giving rise to 3D food printing and the need for such specialised chefs. Cuisines which couldn’t even be fathomed in the past are a reality now. They’re designed as per the individual’s preferences and appetite. This time-saving medium of cooking is very popular among women. They are now able to showcase their creativity in ways they couldn’t even imagine a few years ago. Experts believe that, “Restaurant chains and food conglomerates will be tempted to use this technology at lightning speed, triggering a massive demand for chefs trained in 3D printing.” Women, who have a more keen understanding of this sector, are best suited to pursue this new career path. Women love creativity. This is the perfect place where they can showcase their talent and creativity to be successful.

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