MNVVK Chaitanya

Associate Professor - Media Business, Marketing & Advertising

Why a Degree in Film and Media Marketing is better than a regular MBA.

Recently, an article quoted the Education Promotion Society for India and MBA Universe saying that ‘Indian management education is in crisis’ and another said that ‘The traditional MBA is dead’.

India has mushroomed 3900 B schools, spread across the country, over the past seven years. The problem with that number is that the quality of education is difficult to manage.

The question arising now is, ‘Where will you find enough next-generation workers with the skills required for success specific to your industry?’ This challenge is even greater when you factor in the nature of today’s flexible and contingent labor market.

An MBA is very generic, and in today’s day and age, specialisation is key. Once someone picks the industry they would like to be a part of, then a specialised MBA helps in getting focused learnings that can prepare someone to hit the ground running when they start work. MBAs offered in our country today are extremely universal and don’t equip anyone with the core competencies that are required.

The old school of thought which led people to medicine, engineering and law has been left far behind. Indians are diversifying and are not afraid to push their boundaries anymore.

There are other industries that have started booming over the years and the film and media industry is one of them. It has recently started to see a growth and will be booming for the next 15- 20 years.

Getting a specialised Media MBA helps you get a jumpstart to your career in this industry and have the upper hand.

A comprehensively designed Advertising and Digital Marketing Program combined with an understanding of Film Direction helps build professionals who are sought out by film studios, independent production companies, major TV studios and other media companies.

The curriculum is rigorous and demanding and provides all the traditional MBA skills, plus courses dealing with the business side of the media and entertainment industry. The goal is to prepare the next generation of industry leaders who understand the complexity of the business and at the same time understand what it takes to make great films and run great media houses.

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