When ads get animated

Suchetana Bauri looks at some of the top animated ads.

Beyond Words

Client: PETA

Agency: BPG Agency

I know, I know we have always associated People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), with a naked Pamela Anderson. However, PETA took the animated road to narrate the tale of animal cruelty entirely in emoji, with hammers, hypodermics and handguns making short work of adorable bunnies, monkeys and tigers. Semi-spoiler alert: They turn into skeletons at the end, but there’s no actual carnage depicted. It was a transcendent storytelling at its best.

The Scarecrow

Client: Chipotle

Agency: Creative Artist Agency

The holy grail for advertising today is to rise above the fray of soulless sales pitches and become part of pop culture. The ad should not be just worth remembering but must be able to hit a nerve and should be both share-worthy on social networking sites. And Chipotle with The Scarecrow was spot on!

The Bear & The Hare

Client: John Lewis

Agency: adam&eveDDB hi

The film employed both traditional hand-drawn 2D animation and stop-frame 3D model animation, and the results are purely magical! The mix lends each frame a dreamy feel. The 2D animation reminds one the good old Christmas films, while the 3D puts them within a purely modern scene that sparkles.

Baby & me

Client: Evian Water

Agency: BETC

The ad shows computer animated babies dancing to the Ini Kamoze song ‘Here Comes the Hotstepper’, remixed by Yuksek. Adults catch a sight of their own baby versions in mirrors and start dancing with their younger counterparts, tapping into Evian’s ‘Live Young’ brand tagline.

Lipton & The Muppets!

Client: Lipton tea

Agency: London agency adam&eveDDB

Well, how comforting is Lipton tea? One can be at peace even amongst the animals of New York City. The cranky street-meat vendors, crazy cab drivers and silly tourists all of whom would have rattled the average frog, but Kermit stays cool and collected. All he has to do is “Be more tea.”

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