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There are essentially six phases to any film – from conception to final product – development, pre-production, production, post-production, distribution and exhibition. These phases represent the putting together and coming together of all elements necessary to the making of a film. Students who choose to specialise in the Department of Production learn the skills and mindset essential to successfully navigate the film from one phase to another.  

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Ramchandra PN
Professor and HOD - Direction

  • Award winning Filmmaker, Film Academician and Film Appreciator with over three decades of experience in making feature length films, documentaries – short and long, Fictional short films and T.V. programs, teaching, writing criticism and the theoretical aspects about it.
  • Conducted workshops at FTII (Pune), Whistling Woods International (Mumbai), LV Prasad Film Institute (Chennai), Sarojini Naidu School of Communication(Hyderabad) among others.
  • Selection Committee member for commissioning of Documentaries and short films for Films Division (FD), Samaj Pragati Sahayog (SPS), Madhya Pradesh; Language and Culture Department (LAC), Government of Himachal Pradesh; and Rough Cut Committee at Films Division
  • Chairman, Jury and pre-selection jury at various film festivals.

Pradyatan Bera
Member of faculty for Direction

  • A filmmaker, writer, editor, researcher and an academician.
  • Studied Direction and Screenplay Writing from Film and Television Institute of India and Master of Arts, Film Studies, Jadavpur University.
  • His film ‘Bhumigat’, won the Special Jury Prize at Indian film festival of Bhubaneshwar, 2019.
  • Has been actively involved as an editor and associate on a documentary film, Toward Happy Alleys, which reflects on the condition of women in Iran.
  • Chief Assistant Director of a French Production named ’Kolkata, 8:30a.m.’, directed by Adriano Valerio, Associate Director in ‘A knock on the door’, directed by Ranjan Palit, currently editing a documentary on ‘Tiger Widows in Sunderban’ while working on a feature length script.
  • Has conducted various workshops on Direction and Editing
  • Interests include humane stories and folktales.

Mr. Zaid Ali Khan
Member of Faculty for Film Direction

  • Alumnus Central Film School, London
  • Successfully released his first Feature Film, ‘Khwaabb’ in 2014 and has worked on several award-winning documentaries and corporate films
  • His recent international collaborations include work with The Economist, UK and a Canadian Netflix Documentary

Mr. Amit Prasad
Member of Faculty for Production

  • Accomplished, Multilingual Professional equipped with in-depth theoretical and practical experience in the art and functioning of the International Film Industry.
  • Trained under American Film Industry Stalwarts like Michael Eisner (Ex-Disney President), Darren Lynn Bousman (Director, Saw 2), Brett Leonard (Director, Lawnmower Man), Valerie Mccaffrey (Producer, American History X), Suresh Babu Daggubati (Drishyam 2, Oh Baby!) in the art of Story Development, Screenwriting, Producing and Film Production.
  • Has served as creative producer on ‘Drishyam 2’ and other major films in collaboration with Suresh Productions, Guru Films, Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Actively consults as Creative Producer and Script Consultant in the industry.
  • Has advanced knowledge of concept development, production planning, production execution using both Western and Indian techniques and practices.
  • Has developed multiple case studies that serve as learning material for the course and mentors the graduation film program in the college. Successfully mentored graduation film ‘Benchi’ to a semi-final nomination at the Student Academy Awards 2021.

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The students will learn all aspects of film business including distribution, the function of sales agents and exhibition on theatrical and on new-age platforms. They will also do research on the distribution scenarios in local, national and international regions. The changing landscape of the film and media industry in terms of distribution makes it a very interesting and important topic for students of film business to study. We are also in talks with NFDC, Producers Guild of India and FFO to conduct workshops on producing and distribution. We have guest lectures with local and international distributors and exhibitors who conduct case studies on these topics.

The students will get a lot of on-set experience on Annapurna College projects first and will then proceed to work as Production Assistants on commissioned projects with Arka, ASPL and other production companies. 

We have a partnership with CELTX on their full production toolkit (Includes script editor, script breakdown, scheduling, budgeting, call sheets, shot list etc.) which we receive at a 90% discount. CELTX is used by a lot of international production companies and line producers for their production planning.

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