How to interpret a Story?

Learn the finer nuances of Scriptwriting. Explore Best Script Writing Courses in India.

A scriptwriter is paid to write scripts, teleplays and ad films that include strong concepts, coherent themes, well-structured plots, and compelling characters. Becoming a successful scriptwriter is a long process and involves numerous steps.

The first step in your grand journey is understanding the stories, reading or studying the scripts written by other scriptwriters. This is absolutely non-negotiable. However, there is a process involved in reading and understanding the story; this is a skill which is taught as a part of the script writing course.

Any story has five major elements in it: Character, Setting, Plot, Problem, Solution and these are called as Story Fundamentals.

Character a person or being in a narrative which can be entirely fictional or based on real-life person in a play, novel, series, film or video game.

Setting is the time period or geographical location in which the story takes

Place. It can be either fiction or nonfiction. The setting refers to the main backdrop or the mood of the story. The elements of setting can include culture, traditions, historical period,current society, anything which supports the story.

Plot is the series of events which are interrelated and  each one affects the next one.It can vary from a simple traditional ballad to complex interwoven structures.

Problem is the main issue around which the narrative is revolving and to which the character present in the movie finds a solution. It also could be dealing with choices of action difficult either for an individual or for society at large.

Solution is the flip side of the problem element. In a Change story, for instance, the focus may be on the problem element or the focus may be on the solution element. It is also the final climax of the story.

Being a relentless reader will help you to be a good scriptwriter. At the same time, it is important to read the correct ones. Do not just pick one book and follow it as gospel  – mix and match them, analyse the content in the book. This is where the quality education from the best film colleges in India and the script writing course play the major role. During your script writing course, you will have the constant guidance of the faculties and variety of projects which will help you to sharpen these skills.

Along with the Story fundamentals, you will also learn another major element in scriptwriting which is Character Analyzation.

Any scriptwriter while a story builds the character in three major dimensions: Physical Dimension, Emotional Dimension and Intellectual Dimension. Based on these three dimensions any character of the movie is developed.

For the aspiring scriptwriters, it is very important to know how to do Character Analyzation. The above pointers are just the outline of the skills which you will learn as a part of the script writing course. Once you start pursuing the course there are much deeper elements. Thus, joining the best film school in India and pursuing the best script writing course in India plays a major role in building your career as a scriptwriter.

Annapurna College of Film and Media is one of the best film colleges in India and the only film school in Hyderabad which is located inside a live-working film studio, which provides the best script writing course in India.

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