How to maximise your Facebook marketing and what to do when it goes wrong

Facebook has come in leaps and bounds as a marketing tool, and it can be an amazing one at that. But there are times when it just doesn’t click. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Good content is not necessarily relevant content

Always remember that Facebook is primarily a social networking platform on a very informal scale (sometimes a bit too much but that’s a discussion for another day). Unlike, say LinkedIn, Facebook is lighter, more fun and definitely more risqué.

High quality content may be great for your blog, and website, but it may go down like a lead balloon on Facebook. Make sure your posts are relevant to your target audience. If you’re targeting music-lovers, then a post on the Fundamentals of String Theory just won’t cut it, but a snappy post and rather smutty picture of Beyonce will.

Know your audience and remember, in the digital world, quality is a double-edged sword.

86% of social referrals are done by Facebook, while 11% and 3% are done by Pinterest and Twitter respectively

Promote what you should

It’s easier to promote all your FB posts, but it’s also damn expensive. Pick the posts you know are going to get some traction with your audience and promote the hell out of them. A scattergun approach may work in traditional media, but it rarely does online.

According to Socialmediatoday, 21% of small business marketers are spending at least an hour on social media per day, while 58% are spending at least 10 minutes on social media per day.

Reward interaction

When people interact with you on Facebook, give them something back. We don’t mean you’ve got to give everyone who posts a message a 42” LED TV, but give them something, even if it’s nominal. For instance, if you’re a garment store, then give out vouchers for a few bucks to random messages. An online store can do the same, etc. Once people realize there’s a chance of getting something for free, they’ll be more proactive when it comes to being interactive.

According to Neilsen 46% of online users are counting on social media before making purchase decision

Do things apart from FB

Don’t just focus on Facebook to promote your content. Use blogs, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, emailers, et al, to get your stuff out there. Spread yourself out and find which platform suits you and your company the best.

 63% of users prefer businesses with the information that can be easily accessed on the social media websites

Measure it like you want to wear it

Measure everything. Facebook’s Insights can give you great information into what sort of audience is actually following your posts and what you can do to lure those who are indifferent to them. Don’t be afraid to tweak, and even reinvent your content strategy from time-to-time.

According to Socialmediatoday, 52% have found their customers on Facebook in 2013.

Dump Facebook

If it’s constantly breaking, don’t bother fixing it. Don’t be afraid to dump Facebook altogether if you feel it’s not doing the job of helping you reach your target audience and promoting your content. There are a myriad of social networking platforms that cater to various types of content. Fine one that’s best suited to your needs and go for it.

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