Filmmaking Course – learn the Art and Craft

Making a film isn’t just an Art. It takes years of patience, practice, passion and dedication to cultivating a consistent art. It is a perfect blend of creative and technical skills. As it bides on the creative abilities and to make a movie we need plenty of technicalities.

As the aspirants for filmmaking are increasing day-by-day, there are many film schools, colleges and universities present around the world which have vast collection filmmaking course. For the aspirant who genuinely wants to frame a career in the industry doing a filmmaking course will help them to enhance their thought process.

Filmmaking is a co-functioning task. People from different expertise like director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, producer, actors, editors and many more collaborate to make a film. Multiple skills are taught in the filmmaking course.

There is always a common guide to follow in the initial stages for the filmmaking process. Which involves the following:

1)The Idea

Every film which is made till now started with an idea in someone’s brain. Although it keeps on improvised till the film is made or the script is locked. For any aspirant it is very important to keep thinking about the film they want to make, the story they want to tell, plot, characters etc. this thought process will click an idea.

Doing a filmmaking course guides you with the right thought process and cultivation of ideas.

 2) The Script

Once the idea has come, the next step is scripting it where the story and dialogues will start developing. This is an important tool as everyone who is involved in the process of making the film will follow it. A script is your reference, guide and bible for the film.

Writing a good script is also focused on the filmmaking course.

3) The Storyboard

A sequence of drawings which represent how your film is going look. This is one of the highly recommended processes as it gives you a picture of how your film is going to look beforehand. Also, this will create the visualization of your film among the team.

4) The Cast and Crew

Assembling a team, i;e deciding the key players for your film. This is a crucial step as it decides the future of your film. A right cast and crew is always an add-on advantage which will help to make the film a grand success.

While doing a filmmaking course you will build a lot of connections with like-minded people and will help you to succeed.

5) Locations

Sometimes you need to build a set and sometimes you need to explore the locations. Choosing the right location plays a vital role in the success of your film as they add meaning and create a mood for the story.

It is a key factor which works as a visual treat for the audience and supports the actors.

While learning your filmmaking course you will be making a lot of short films, ad films, video bytes etc as a part of your practicals where you will learn a lot more about choosing the locations

6) Filming and post-production

The script is ready, actors are set, the crew is perfect then the prominent step is filming it. In the schedule and organizing, everything is important, sometimes a scene may take more shots than the plan which will require to make changes in the schedule.

         These all manage tricks, hacks, and tips you will learn during your term in a filmmaking course.

Once the filming part is completed then comes the editing, adding the sound effects, visual effects, colour correction etc. The editor trims the movie, makes it crisp and clear.

While learning the filmmaking course you will get a clear understanding of the importance of the post-production process.

It is beyond possible to make a film with only creativity or only technicality, it requires both in an equal amount. Doing a filmmaking course is a prosperous approach for any aspirant.

To foster these skills it requires more than desire to make films, you need close attention and constant validation. Annapurna College of Film and media offers the best filmmaking course. Our filmmaking course includes Bachelors and Masters in Film and Media with Dual specialization.

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