Film Studies: Cinema and So Much More

Every individual has some idol and cinema lovers mostly have a filmmaker who inspires them. The filmmaker doesn’t become an inspiration just by shooting a film but it is because there is so much more to them which comes across through their art, their understanding of people and circumstances. The philosophy, ideology, psychology that go in a creator’s mind before they go ahead and create, is what makes them unique.


Studying films comprises both, the technique of making them and the learning of the arts behind it. Steven Spielberg once said, “Only a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers.”

Only when one understands what truly the meaning of creating cinema is, will one become a great filmmaker. 

Anurag Kashyap has a library full of films from all over the world. It is said that you name it, and he might have a copy of it. He goes back to them for inspiration. A well-read storyteller always tells a story that is a little complex and layered.


Combining filmmaking and film studies makes the foundation of an aspiring filmmaker very strong. One is not limited to being just a skilful professional, but blooms into being someone who has an expanded horizon to carry forward a vision. Each field comes with its set of information. Film Studies help an individual to become a versatile professional. 


Take for instance the impact of the gaming industry. Gaming is not only limited to shooting digital weapons aimlessly. It has become something which leaves an impact on the gamer with the different characters being given multiple traits which a gamer experiences vicariously. Neil Druckman, Creator Director of the Last of Us franchise believes in “simple stories, complex characters”. He is the creator of an adventure game which explores human relationships as the characters wander in a dilapidated world. With the pathbreaking survival horror, The Last of Us, that is still being talked about and will pretty much continue being the topic of discussion for a good while in the gaming community, he brought to us an apocalyptic world. And that too with some of the best gaming mechanics. An ideology combined with technology!

It is important to understand that a creator is not just born, they are a result of an evolved understanding. 


Film studies offer a wide range of subjects and counter-opinions. These help an individual in understanding so much more which does not stay limited to films. It can be utilised in making games, shooting documentaries, teaching, writing a book, becoming a researcher, composing music. 


Cinematographer, Rajeev Ravi loves paintings and he draws inspiration for his shots from them.

Film Studies is a field of fine-arts which is a vast pool of everything. Visuals, sound, philosophy, psychology, mythology, language and emotions. 


When we get to know what the history of cinema is and how all forms of art are interlinked, we get on the path of becoming world class creators. 


“A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of the poet” – Orson Welles




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