Film Editing Course

Ms. Rima Mazumdar, editing faculty at Annapurna College of Film and Media, strongly believes that a story is written twice, once on a script and then on an edit table. Editing is not just joining shots together, it’s about knowing how to tell the story in screen time without losing any bit of emotion or information.

Telling a story verbally or while writing gives us ample opportunity to speak or write how many ever details. But when a film is edited, an editor lives in that story to make sure that the story doesn’t lose its essence at any point because not every detail is being spoken or described at every point.

The famous Quentin Tarantino has said it wonderfully, “..The one frame off. Or two frames added, or two frames less.. It’s the difference between a sour note and a sweet note. It’s a difference between clunky clumsy crap and orgasmic rhythm.” 

Think of any film that you have enjoyed watching or loved. Were you involved throughout? The story, the emotion, the purpose, did you feel you were living each moment? That’s the invisible magic of an editor.

The author Emma Hill has been quoted, “The first draft is black and white. Editing is what gives the story colour.”

Annapurna College of Film and Media offers one of the best editing courses in India with the most experienced faculty helming it. Learning this process from them will prepare an individual to get into the world of filmmaking with the understanding of the craft. 

The curriculum helps the individual gain speed as they hone their skill and in the process develop the ability of smooth problem solving. In the editing course offered by Annapurna College, the student gets to learn on professional softwares like, 

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. AVID Media Composer
  3. Final Cut Pro X
  4. Basics of Da Vinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects.

The most interesting part of taking up the Bachelors’ Degree Program and opting for Editing as a specialization at Annapurna College, is that it will not only prepare you for a career in editing but also make you someone who will understand filmmaking as a whole. The first year of study will set the base followed by the second where the core 

subjects will be introduced and finally we will get into the advanced level of digital intermediate process and high end applications for cinema, television and new media.

If an individual wishes to get into the film industry after they have completed their undergrad elsewhere, there is nothing to worry, because Annapurna College also has a properly curated post graduation comprehensive Masters’ Degree Program and also the certificate courses (new addition being the online learning program) on the subject for those who want a quick learning experience.

Taking up the editing specialisation at Annapurna College will open up opportunities and career choices. In addition to choosing to become an editor, one can also explore being a creative director, film critic, associate director, assistant director, post-production specialist, technical director, promotional producer, digital media management strategist, post production facility designers, theatrical distribution and transmission supervisors, DIT Expert, Data Acquisition Manager, film archivist and domain expert.

The opportunities are ample and on completion of the course from Annapurna College, Hyderabad, students will have the option of entering the industry through the placement office, freelancing or continuing with their post-graduate/advanced level education. This course will open doors and will make an individual ready to start in the industry with knowledge and confidence.

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