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Editing pulls the various scenes in a sequence and gives the story a flow. The student of Editing Course learns how to influence the story through pace, order, quantum of information, and feelings. The questions that a student of Editing Course learns to ask are – WHAT should the pace of THIS story be?; What should be the order of the narrative and WHY?; HOW much of information should the audience get at various points of time and What and How does the audience feel about the characters in the narrative. The art and craft of Editing is linked to the ability of the student to seek answers to these questions. The answers help them in pulling together a logical, coherent and comprehensible narrative.

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Ramchandra PN
Professor and HOD - Direction

  • Award winning Filmmaker, Film Academician and Film Appreciator with over three decades of experience in making feature length films, documentaries – short and long, Fictional short films and T.V. programs, teaching, writing criticism and the theoretical aspects about it.
  • Conducted workshops at FTII (Pune), Whistling Woods International (Mumbai), LV Prasad Film Institute (Chennai), Sarojini Naidu School of Communication(Hyderabad) among others.
  • Selection Committee member for commissioning of Documentaries and short films for Films Division (FD), Samaj Pragati Sahayog (SPS), Madhya Pradesh; Language and Culture Department (LAC), Government of Himachal Pradesh; and Rough Cut Committee at Films Division
  • Chairman, Jury and pre-selection jury at various film festivals.

Pradyatan Bera
Member of faculty for Direction

  • A filmmaker, writer, editor, researcher and an academician.
  • Studied Direction and Screenplay Writing from Film and Television Institute of India and Master of Arts, Film Studies, Jadavpur University.
  • His film ‘Bhumigat’, won the Special Jury Prize at Indian film festival of Bhubaneshwar, 2019.
  • Has been actively involved as an editor and associate on a documentary film, Toward Happy Alleys, which reflects on the condition of women in Iran.
  • Chief Assistant Director of a French Production named ’Kolkata, 8:30a.m.’, directed by Adriano Valerio, Associate Director in ‘A knock on the door’, directed by Ranjan Palit, currently editing a documentary on ‘Tiger Widows in Sunderban’ while working on a feature length script.
  • Has conducted various workshops on Direction and Editing
  • Interests include humane stories and folktales.

Mr. Zaid Ali Khan
Member of Faculty for Film Direction

  • Alumnus Central Film School, London
  • Successfully released his first Feature Film, ‘Khwaabb’ in 2014 and has worked on several award-winning documentaries and corporate films
  • His recent international collaborations include work with The Economist, UK and a Canadian Netflix Documentary

Ms. Rima Mazumdar
Head of Department

  • Over 25 years of experience in the field of Post Production for Film and Television
  • Master’s Degree in Visual Communication and Post Graduate Diploma in Television Production
  • Her work includes Editing and Post- Production, Content Development for  Films, Television programs, Leading Television Channels, award winning Documentaries, Advertising and Corporate Films, Live Concerts, Music Videos, CSR Features and a lot more across Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and US
  • One of her films was nominated for the BAFTA Awards as well as the 21st International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam and won a lot of international accolades like the Audience Prize at the Lucas Children’s Film Festival, Germany; Dubai International Film Festival; Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, etc. 

Ms. Charu Sharma
Member of Faculty for Editing

  • 11 years of experience working as an independent Video Editor
  • Alumnus Film and Television Institute Of India, Pune (Editing)
  • Her short film ‘Chanda ke joote’ as a Co-Writer, Director and Editor with Ektara Collective won second place under the National category of 6th International Short Film Festival of India ISFFI 2012

     Asked Questions

We teach:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • AVID Media Composer
  • FCP X
  • Basics of Da Vinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects

Yes, even without a technical background, one can join Editing. We train the students for technical expertise with rigorous practice exercises. All that is required is a keen visual storytelling sensibility.

An Annapurna College degree gives you a good all-round filmmaking education preparing you for a broader film career goal. With a degree you can continue your higher education, take an academic pathway, teach as well as follow a professional pathway. Our courses prepare you to collaborate as a filmmaker and not just a technician. You will delve deep into the critical understanding of World Cinema, the philosophy and the psychology of how editing works as a storytelling device, which will widen your creative application processes along with a nuanced technical ability.

  • Filmmaker
  • Editors (offline and online - for Digital Cinema, Television, Advertising, Corporate Sector, Documentary, New Media, Sports & Events)
  • Associate Director
  • Post-Production Supervisor/ Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Technical Director
  • DIT Expert
  • Data Acquisition Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Film Critic
  • Film or Data Archivist
  • Film Restoration Specialist
  • Domain Expert, Trainer and Advisor

Feature Films, Documentaries, Television, New Media/ Digital Media Sectors, Indie Films, Animation, VFX and Gaming, Advertising, Corporate Sector, Post-Production facilities, Events, VR, AR and MR sectors, Video Installations, Development Communication & CSR initiatives, Research, Testing and Training, Film & Digital Archiving/ Restoration, Film and Media Education, etc.

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