Editing and Editors during COVID19

We are living through very unique times because of a pandemic which has changed pretty much everything. Workplaces, schools, leisure activities, travel and every other industry has found a way around the pandemic to make sure things go on regardless. This made everyone even more aware of and acknowledge the power of technology in remote functioning. The creative content industry saw two sides, one where, of course, the cinema theatres took a hit but at the same time broadband driven content saw a boom. From education to entertainment to self-help, each form of content has its own audience and with multiple creators coming up, they need all the help in the world to produce quality product.


Even a world-wide lockdown did not stop creators and artists from producing new content. The Fahadh Faasil starrer ‘C U Soon’ became one of India’s first film to be shot and produced remotely. BBC wrote that “India’s ‘lockdown film’ is an edgy thriller”. With a limited budget, and as the director Mahesh Narayanan describes “small exercise using an iPhone”, the film was shot at the actor’s house. The post-production took place remotely with Narayanan editing the film himself. Unlike a usual film, this film had a very small crew and the work was done from homes.


Digital resources have made it possible to create content from the comfort of our homes even if the team is not under the same roof. 

Editing has moved from editing suites to people’s homes. 


Rohan Sippy’s show on Amazon Prime “Wakaalat from Home” is an example. Cheragh Todiwala, the editor of the project, stitched various shots while keeping the theme and comedy of the project in mind. Similary, in the thriller “The Gone Game”, which was shot remotely, editors Amit Kumar and Manish Mistry made it a seamless watch.

Filmmakers are utilising all the available resources to continue telling their stories. Editors are using movement, colour tones, shot sizes, dialogues to maintain the continuity of a story. It is a stylistic choice to make something look a certain way in the edit to make a story smooth and not let it appear jarring.


Even film festivals have opened new categories for films shot during the pandemic and are lauding the ones that have worked around the limitations of social distancing.


As cloud services are increasing, big projects can also be edited from an editor’s home. The softwares being used remain the same, from Adobe Premiere Pro to Avid Media Composer to Final Cut Pro. The work stations have shifted but the work requirement and quality are still the same. 


Editors are the unsung stars for content creation right now and there is a dearth of good and trained ones. Anyone can download a random app to edit videos, but only the ones who are trained are being hired and are getting good work. Many production houses have now moved from in-house editing to remote editing.


In such a time certain institutions have recognised this need and Annapurna College of Film and Media has designed an editing course that you can take from the comfort of your home. Remote editing allows for individuals to collaborate on a workflow over the cloud. Annapurna College offers a self-paced online editing course which equips a student to not only learn the skills but also understand the art that goes behind it. 


Even though it is part of an online filmmaking course, the training given is all of professional level. This course makes an individual fully grasp the whole idea of what the job of an editor is. It’s not just about putting clips together, it’s about getting an idea across in a seamless way. And this online editing course makes one fall in love with the craft. After this course the student will be trained to edit not just small videos but will be given preference even in bigger projects, like films. 


There’s no better time than now to get into editing, because editors are one of the most wanted in the content creation industry. This course from Annapurna College will provide both, the understanding of the art and the application of the craft.

Sources: https://www.news18.com/news/movies/films-and-series-that-were-shot-in-isolation-during-the-covid-19-pandemic-3717566.html VIEW



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