Career Opportunities after doing Film Studies

For over a decade film studies has been one of the fastest growing disciplines at Indian colleges and universities. Film studies majors learn to see film as an artistic medium, a cultural expression, a rhetorical device, a technical production, and a commercial enterprise. Film studies develops students’ analytical, research and writing skills, as well as their creative and technical abilities.

A degree in film studies provides you with a combination of theoretical and technical skills that are transferable to a whole host of careers in the creative industries

A career after graduating from a Film School can be very rewarding and given below are some of the career options one can pursue after studying film studies.

Film Director

A film director is a person who visualizes the concept and makes the audience see with their eyes. A director is the prominent storyteller in the film. Now-a-days a film director’s course is not just limited to films, TV series, music videos, advertisements only, the demand for efficient directors with a degree has increased. A director with a film studies degree can make big with dedication and determination.

Location Manager

This is one of the most challenging roles in the filmmaking process. A location manager is responsible for designing the place and the location arrangements for a film.The role of a Location Manager is also to manage the location under the budget sanctioned.The location manager is one of the most sought after professions for beginners in the film industry.

Art Director

An art director in the film industry has the responsibilities to make a finished product look good and polished. An art director is valued immensely in the advertising agencies as they work with the copywriters and is the one to chalk out the draft campaign. An Art Director manages the creative work from the beginning to the end of an ad campaign.

Broadcast Presenter

A broadcast presenter is a person who is the face of a television programme or radio. A broadcast presenter is also known as anchor in TV and Radio Jockey in Radio. A broadcast presenter has the opportunity to work on a range of platforms from TV, radio to the Internet. The film. The work of a Broadcast Presenter is versatile as well as challenging and there is very less scope of mistakes for a Broadcast Presenter especially on live programs. A media house depends on the broadcast presenter as he/she is the face of the channel on TV, internet or radio.

Program Researcher

Media researcher is a person who is highly valued in news media and radio. A program researcher gives information inputs, creative inputs and helps to plan a TV or radio program by helping with thorough research on the program content, market research etc.

Having a degree in film studies is one of the best career options. There are many film schools and colleges offering various degrees and Annapurna College of Film and Media is one of the best film colleges in India. With dual specialization in both bachelor and master degree programs.

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