Why do you need a script writing course to be a successful scriptwriter?

Hone your skills and explore best script writing courses in India.

The art and craft of writing a script for the mass media such as television production, feature films, ad films or any video content are called Script Writing. Everyone has stories to tell but if your story has drama, colourful characters, twists, plots and narrative arc which can be made into a feature film then you can become a Scriptwriter.

Scriptwriting is a merger of writing a story, screenplay and dialogues. One can write a story without any prior knowledge, even a screenplay can be written but when it comes to writing the dialogues it is a necessity to film having a formal education in the script writing course from one of the best film colleges in India which will help you to gain command on the language and plays a crucial role in building your career as a scriptwriter.

During your span in the script writing course, you will be learning multiple things such as What is a story? What is a screenplay? What is the difference between a regular story and a film story? and many more, these all will help you to understand the significance of doing a script writing course and specifically from best film college.

Generally, most of the cinematic stories are either Character-driven or Plot-driven, which means the story of a movie is pirouetting around the main characters or the plot.

In India, there are four major genres of film, Mythological, Folk, Historical and Social.

Mythological genre consists of the narrative that plays the key role in society like the origin of myths and tales.The prominent characters in the myths are supernatural beings, gods,goddesses or demigods.

Folk genre is a fiction or anecdote among the people, which was designed during the forming part of the tradition, like beliefs and stories which are passed on traditionally. It is also called folklore.

Historical genre refers to the past events, memories, collection, presentation and interpretation of that historical period. The referring historical resources could be documents, oral accounts, materialistic objects like arts and artifacts.

Social genre which is relating to the current society, scenarios and situations. The stories which are mainly focused on the current situations and problems faced in society come under this category.

A scriptwriter first chooses the genre to write the story. Then comes the most important part which is the format/formulae of scriptwriting or in other words called as film grammar which one will learn in script writing course. Film grammar consists of four major elements. They are Scene, Sequence, Shot and Frame. It is very essential to know the importance and difference between these for any scriptwriter. When one attempts to write a script without any prior knowledge or formal education it becomes very challenging to write a story/screenplay/dialogues whereas in film studies especially when one opts for script writing course these key elements are taught as a part of the curriculum.

From this, we can comprehend that scriptwriting is not just about writing a story it is more than it. To educate these nuances of scriptwriting to the aspirants there are some best script writing courses in India, most of the best film colleges offer formal education in filmmaking.

It is highly recommended to the script writing aspirants to take up a script writing course to build a successful and serious career in the Film Industry.

Annapurna College of Film and Media is one of the best film colleges and offers one of the best script writing course in India.

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