Best online filmmaking course

Do you think you can tell stories? Are you thinking about filmmaking? Have you ever considered joining the film industry as a professional? If your answer is yes then you might like to explore the possibilities at Annapurna College of Film and Media. 

In any industry most of the work requires understanding of what needs to be done. We train before joining or applying for any job. A person with knowledge about the field will always be more efficient and automatically preferred. 

The pandemic changed the way the world functions but it can never change how we dream. The whole world came to a standstill and one of the biggest concerns has been for those who wish to learn. 

For something as practical as filmmaking, Annapurna College of Film and Media has been quick to respond and it has come up with interactive ways for their students to continue learning without any loss.

If you have been wondering where to start, especially during this time of social distancing you must check out the beginner level self-paced online course offered by Annapurna College. This course can be taken up anywhere and at any time. 

The courses offered are in all the basic aspects that make a film happen.

  1. Script Writing Course
  2. Film Production Course
  3. Editing Course
  4. Sound Design Course
  5. Ethics in Filmmaking

Our teachers who happen to be specialists in their respective fields, have structured a 50 hour course module for the best online experience. Each course will cover its fundamentals and will fructify towards the end wherein a student will know what the field is all about. It will not only teach a person but will also prepare them to be on the field. 

Upon registration, the course module will be accessible for a period of 4 months available via an online library.

Offered by Annapurna College, this is a one of its kind opportunity for an online filmmaking course which will act as a motivation for an aspiring filmmaker to start somewhere before getting into the advanced level. This should be proof enough, in shine or storm, Annapurna College of Film and Media is here to ensure a world-class training to aspiring filmmakers without any inhibitions, while overcoming whichever hurdle that comes in the way.

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