BA (Honors) Film & Media

Major in Direction and Sound Design

A Sound Designer needs to develop excellent knowledge and techniques in recording, mixing, and special effects in order to create unique and interesting sounds. Nowhere have the trends and technology evolved faster than in the Sound Industry. A Sound Designer needs to develop excellent knowledge and Techniques in Recording, Mixing and Special Effects in order to create unique and interesting sounds.

This program helps you tap into your skills in Music and enhance it by learning the finer techniques of Sound Recording, Sound Design, Sound Post-Production, Sound Mixing etc. A dual learning in Direction and Sound Design will help students in applying the aesthetics of sound for filmmaking- a much needed skill in Indian Film Industry.

The BA (Honors) Film & Media – Major in Direction and Sound Design Program offered at Annapurna College is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU).

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Program Flow

Year 1

Foundation Setting

  • History of Cinema
  • Film Studies
  • Storytelling and Creative writing
  • Photography & Psychology
  • Imparting the basics tools of Filmmaking techniques such as Edit, Cine, Sound etc.
  • Creative Screenwriting,
  • Direction and Production

Year 2

Explore Core Subjects

  • Cinematography
  • Screenwriting
  • Editing
  • Sound Recording and Designing
  • Direction in addition to Advertising, Digital Marketing and Acting fundamentals.

*Having explored their respective majors the students are now ready for an advanced study of their specialisation subjects in the third year

Year 3

Advanced Study in the Area of Specialisation

The BA (Honors) Film & Media- Major in Direction and Sound Design will help students understand the following:

  • Craft of Recording Sound, Sound Designing, and Applying Music
  • Techniques of Sound Post-Production, Sound Mixing, and Aesthetics of Sound Designing
  • Professionally handling high-end tools and equipment

*Students will need to work on, and enable their skills on critical thinking, scholarly research, writing, and reading.

The focus is mainly on projects and getting the relevant exposure in the chosen industry.

*Depending on their chosen specialization the students also get to focus on their portfolios or research project & internships (as applicable).

Upon completion of the course, students have the option of entering the industry through our placement office, freelancing, or continuing with their post-graduate education. They can also follow the path of Entrepreneurship.


  • Filmmaker
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Recordist
  • Sound Editor
  • Music Designer
  • DOLBY Engineer
  • Audio Restoration Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Surround Sound Specialist
  • Assistant Director in Sound
  • Location Sound Recordist
  • Dialogue Editor
  • Dubbing Engineer
  • Foley Recordist
  • Sound Effects Designer
  • Acoustics Specialist
  • Studio-Recordist
  • Music Recording and Mix Mastering Engineer
  • Live Sound Effects Designer
  • Acoustic Consultant and Studio Planner



Mr. Arvind Ranjan Das
Head of Department

  • 25+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Over a decade of Filmmaking at Mumbai Film Academy
  • Writer & Director of Hindi Feature Films- ‘Ghazab Nagariya’, produced by Antarang and ‘System’, produced by Jhamu Sughand Production
  • Producer & Director of TV Shows, ‘Hollywood se Bollywood’ on Zee TV, ‘Request Your Best’ and ‘Sargam Sadabahar’ on Doordarshan
  • Arvind was also the Senior Director of Care World and ATN Channel

Mr. Zaid Ali Khan
Member of Faculty for Film Direction

  • Alumnus Central Film School, London
  • Successfully released his first Feature Film, ‘Khwaabb’ in 2014 and has worked on several award-winning documentaries and corporate films
  • His recent international collaborations include work with The Economist, UK and a Canadian Netflix Documentary

Mr. Sayandeb Mukherjee
Head of Department

  • Alumnus Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute
  • Over 20 years of experience in the field of Audio-Production for Film and Television as an Associate Dolby Mix Engineer, Sound Effects Designer and Sound Designer
  • Worked on 90+ feature films in multiple languages like Vedam, LBW, Bombaiyer Bombetey and Yatra by Goutam Ghosh
  • Sayandeb was awarded an Independent Research Fellowship by SARAI under CSDS (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) for his project The Space Interlude based on psycho-acoustical orientation of Corridor Spaces
  • Credited as a Sound Designer for the Diploma Film ‘Unmathabudham Jagath’ recognized by the Oberhausen Film Festival and Munich International Film Festival and IFFI

Mr. Soumen Sarkar
Member of Faculty for Sound Design

  • Over 12 years of experience in Teaching and Sound Designing
  • Soumen has a diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design from the Ramoji Academy of Film and Television

Mr. Simranjit Singh Sandhu
Member of Faculty for Sound Design

  • Alumnus Vancouver Film School, Canada (Sound Design for Visual Media)
  • 7 years of experience in Teaching and Sound Designing
  • Some of his noteworthy works are National Award-winning film ‘A Far Afternoon – A Painted Saga’; ‘Shut Up Sona’ – a journey in the life of acclaimed singer Sona Mohapatra; Disney India’s Bindaas Original TV show ‘The Trip 2’; Canadian feature films ‘Black Mountain Side’ & ‘When the Ocean Met the Sky’ etc.

     Asked Questions

Annapurna College offers a BA (Honors) and MA degree in filmmaking with a focus on Sound Design. Sound design keeps the entire film in mind when arranging the songs, soundtracks, background score, all transitioning into a harmonious experience.. Our Sound course covers:

  • Location sound recording (Raw tracks)
  • Foley or sound effects
  • Song and Music recording (Working with music directors)
  • Background score recording (Working with music directors)
  • Sound Design & Sound Scape of the film
  • Collaborating with all departments (Editor & other sound technicians) to ensure the sound is conveyed to satisfaction in each and every frame of the film conveying the sound.
  • Sound Mix (5.1 mix,) Plus exposure to 7.1 mix and Dolby Atmos @ Annapurna Studios)

Our Film and Media program with Sound Design specialization prepares you as a filmmaker with special attention to designing sound for cinema. Sound recording is a skill you will gain and music recording along with soundtrack laying is also taught. If you develop music skills and write your own songs or music, you can additionally record them, edit and produce the music tracks by doing our course. And yes, then audio design can certainly be a future career. A student with Music training and Musical abilities will certainly have an edge for Sound Design.

Students from engineering background or Music background have an edge in sound design. Music recording experience contributes a lot to sound design. Sound designers collaborate with Sound engineers for the sound mix of the film. Sound Engineering by itself has a lot to do with the technology used and the equipment used in the studio. They know the sophisticated equipment and set the sound levels, handle the laying of tracks during the sound mix. You can become both a filmmaker and you can continue for sound Engineering. Your engineering background will give you a great edge for Sound Training, Film & Digital Archiving/ Restoration, Film and Media Education, etc.

           and Eligibility

Annapurna College of Film and Media is affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), Hyderabad. The Degree is given by JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Eligibility: 12th Standard / 10+2 in any stream with minimum marks of 50%
Mandatory: Students are required to carry their portfolio of creative work during the Admission Interview

For further details regarding the Admission Process, Course Fees and Student Support for Financial Aid,
please call our Student Support Helpline: 1800-572-4736 or write to us at