100 industries that employ content designers!

Content Design: What Is It?

To begin with, “content design” in simple terms is designing of text, pictures, animated content or vfx content in a way that looks attractive to people. This is a very effective medium in advertisements, both print and digital; apart from its wide use in movies, gaming, etc.

Individuals who are interested in content design can find undergraduate and graduate degree programs that can help them prepare for work in the many industries in which content designers are employed.

Content designers select the right elements and organise them in an attractive and cohesive manner to attract attention / convey message . Examples of content include:

  • Blog
  • Static graphics
  • Animated graphics

What Is Multimedia Design?

People who work in multimedia design create a collage of visual images to convey a specific message to the audience. The purpose of the message is to inform, or entertain. Multimedia designers work in television and film, marketing and public relations, website design, video game production etc.

What Does a Multimedia Designer Do?

Multimedia designers use a variety of tools and creativity for visual communication , they create an output that evokes a thought in the viewer. Skills they use include drawing, use of high end softwares, and stitching together a story. A lot of research also goes into the final culmination of a project.  This ensures the success of the project once it goes into production. People in the area of multimedia design work under the guidelines of a creative manager, and utilise the feedback of others to improve a multimedia design project.

Most people choose to specialise in a certain area of multimedia design, such as graphic designing, animation, website design, game design etc. Good communication skills, teamwork, time management, creative skills and software skills are important for this role.

Where Do Multimedia Designers Work?

Most of the multimedia designers are freelancers as they can have control over their own projects. Some of them who like to work on payroll basis get to work in Ad agencies, MNC’s, Production Houses etc. Multimedia designers have the advantage of working from any place they determine to be “creative”. It just need not be a regular and boring office space with grey walls and a desk.

How to Become a Multimedia Designer?

Employers hiring multimedia designers prefer professionals holding a valid bachelor’s degree and a professional portfolio or a project that highlights their work. Those holding a higher degree or a specialisation have a chance to stand out when the competition for a specific position is high. People who want to get into multimedia design should work on as many creative projects as possible. This lays a solid ground for their future.

Options of Study

Many colleges or universities that offer bachelor’s or master’s in multimedia design give students an opportunity to choose a speciality, which is, in most of the cases, a mandatory clause. Listed below are some of the most popular specialisations available for students these days:-

Graphic Designing and Multimedia Designing: This specialisation focuses on the student acquiring graphic designing skills. Students learn how to create digital images for various types of fields like  advertising, animation etc.  They also get to work on UI/UX projects, App Designing, E-Learning, Corporate Brochures etc. Students who are interested in graphics and multimedia projects may be able to obtain this speciality during their degree tenure. This degree has a strong focus on developing leadership skills as well as management skills.

Video Game Design:  Games like Candy Crush Saga, Farmville etc are extremely popular and you would have played them at some point too! The video game industry is experiencing rapid growth. This is a hot cake industry now and students get to learn specialty courses that include coding and scripting languages, story and graphics development. After graduation, they may choose to work with games played either on  consoles or smartphones.

Web Design and Development:  Major focus here is on softwares and the fundamentals of business and marketing. Students learn to design and build websites featuring animation and several other interactive features for the user’s delight.

Preparing a professional portfolio is an extremely essential part the bachelor’s or master’s program. A professional college should guide their students by spending a significant amount of time discussing on how to create a portfolio and what best and useful information to include in it. The portfolio shows the student’s thought and development process. It should include all of their drawings, animation designs etc.


Colleges or universities that offer a degree in multimedia design require students to complete an internship during their course tenure. All recognised and popular colleges have strong internship and placement opportunities for their students. Students should prepare hard for an interview and earn the internship.

Internships are usually at a local company and mostly full time. During their tenure, they also get a chance to hone their skills further.

Advance Your Future

Most colleges offer advanced specialisation courses for their students.These are often in highly specific areas, such as advanced 3D printing, VR (Virtual Reality) etc.

Earning a bachelor’s degree is a common thing but advancing it with a master’s is a rarity in this field. Colleges that offer a master’s degree require their students to have completed a bachelor’s and also hold a stunning portfolio. Students get to study the advanced course in their specialty area of interest.

Various Areas Of Employment

Content designers have many industries to choose from, with regards to work. As they say, sky is the limit! Airports, advertising, automobile industry, banking, boutiques, branding, blogging, corporates, coffee shops, comics, clothing stores, colleges, copywriting, digital imaging, designing, digital marketing, educational institutions, editing field, furniture malls, game zones, gifting companies, government sector, hotels, hospitals, hoardings of any kind, illustrations, insurance industry, jewellery stores, journalism, multimedia, museums, movies packaging industry, photography, restaurants, robotics, storyboarding, salons, spas, supermarkets, shipping, theme parks, video games, visualisation designer, websites, web marketing and many more are some of the many industries they can get to work.

Hoping these initial guidelines have given you all the much needed push and information about content designing and wishing to see many more people in this lucrative field!

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